Agrotechnology Discipline at Khulna University was established on March 1996 with the vision of strengthening human resources and propelling the development of the Agriculture in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country and about 42% of Bangladeshi population is the farmer. But due to several socio-economic constraints and lack of knowledge of modern agriculture, farmers often fail to optimize their harvest from the farm. Agrotechnology Discipline is mandated to produce skilled manpower with advanced knowledge in agriculture. The course curricula of this Discipline are upgraded. The curricula cover all courses that offered by the relevant institutions in the country as well as they incorporate Geographic Information System (GlS), Spreadsheet Analysis, and Computer Studies.

The Discipline is striving continuously to ensure quality education for students. It is producing successfully at least 40 skilled agriculturists every year. The Discipline has also started producing specialist with postgraduate education (MS) in Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development and Genetics and Plant Breeding. Higher education in other branches of agriculture will be offered in near future. Some students have already enrolled in the Discipline for studying Ph.D. from the Session 2009-2010. Moreover, the teachers and students of the Discipline are involved in conducting research on different current local and national problems and papers & articles have been publishing in national and international journals, newspapers and books, etc. It also arranges national seminar, training programs and workshops for farmers, researchers and local entrepreneurs for improving the status of the beneficiaries.

Agrotechnology Discipline of Khulna University has energetic and skilled manpower. All the teachers are highly qualified. Majority of them have the highest degree i.e., Ph.D. They have got their higher degrees from various universities and institutions of home and abroad and hence utilize their knowledge and skill for the development of the agricultural sector (in respect of research and education) of Bangladesh. The Discipline is continuing various projects funded by different reputed funding organizations such as USDA, ACIAR, KGF, BARC, KU Research Cell, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology and UGC etc.

Agrotechnology Discipline also works with some modern technologies like biotechnology, tissue culture, genetic engineering, protected agriculture, heat stress mitigation, irrigation management, IPM (Integrated Pest Management), biological control (BC) of pests, etc. The Discipline is also collecting and evaluating germplasm through its ‘Germplasm Center’. Agrotechnology Discipline has some new and on-going technologies and varieties that are going to be released soon.