About HRM Discipline

Human Resource Management Discipline is the latest addition to the Management and Business Administration School (MBAS), Khulna University. The discipline is currently offering BBA and MBA in HRM degrees in order to meet the growing need for HR Professionals at home and abroad.

Human Resource Management (HRM) focuses on managing the ‘People’, the most important resource of an organization. The scope of working in HRM is so wide. It is said that ‘Where there is human resource, there is HRM’. No organization is capable of achieving its goals without ensuring the effective and efficient management of human resources.

Management of Human Resources is not possible using ‘Rule of Thumb’; HR Managers need extensive knowledge, skills, and attitude in order to do proper management of human resources using ‘Science’. Keeping this in mind, the HRM Discipline, Khulna University thrives to provide the best quality education to its students.

Human Resource Management deals with broad functions like getting, preparing, motivating, and retaining people in the organization. The specific human resource management functions include HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Employee Orientation and Socialization, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits Management, Absenteeism and Leave management, Talent Management, Knowledge Management, Succession Management, Leadership Development, Employee Motivation, Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, Employee Relations, Health, Safety, and Work Environment, HR Compliance, Performance Management, Organization Development, Employer Branding, HR Analytics, HR Corporate Social Responsibility and so on.

It has been mentioned earlier that no organization can work without proper management of human resources. This is why there is a high career prospect for graduates in human resource management at home and abroad. Besides our local corporate houses, foreign companies, MNCs, as well as government organizations recruit human resource management graduates. The RMG, Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Insurance, Power and Energy, Tourism and Hospitality, Education are some of the notable sectors where there are huge employment opportunities for HRM graduates. HRM Discipline especially focuses on preparing graduates capable of playing strategic roles in different areas like HR, Admin, Compliance, Training & Development, Organization Development, and so on. This is to be noted that graduation in HRM doesn’t confine someone within any specific boundary. Using knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other attributes obtained from BBA and MBA in HRM programs, one can enjoy the opportunity of building a career in some other related areas like Finance, Marketing, Accounting as well. One can also build a successful entrepreneurial career after completing graduation in Human Resource Management.

There is no hard and fast rule of managing human resources; it’s a combination of both arts and science. The students who have leadership attitude, records of extra-curricular activities, sets of soft skills, can-do mentality, interest in human relations are the best fit for studying human resource management. Specialization in human resource management can be a life-long learning experience for someone interested in receiving education in Management and Business Administration.