A Workshop On "Are Bacteria A Threat to Sustainable Mud Crab Aquaculture of Bangladesh?"

Greetings from Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Khulna University!

We, the component 3 collaborated with Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) and Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, have been implementing a sub-project SP029 Adoption of Innovative technology: Seed to fattening of mud crab (Scylla olivacea) and health management in Bangladesh condition” under the Project NATP-2 project implemented by PIU-BARC.

The component 3 has been executing activities in line with:

·     Enumeration of bacterial infection in Mud crab hatchery, farms and in wild mud crab, S. olivacea.

·         Record of disease incidence in mud crab (S. olivacea) population in the south-west coastal region of Bangladesh.

·         Determination of the association of other driving factors (i.e. soil and water quality) with infection/diseases occurrence in mud crab, S. olivacea.

We believe that the stakeholders’ consultation through workshop can be very effective toward framing our activities. Accordingly, we are organizing a day-long online workshop to share our data, and consult with crab farmers, depot-owners, crab collectors, academics, researchers, government officers from fisheries and forest departments, and officers of NGOs. 

Sub-Project Team [Component 3]



Abul Farah Md. Hasanuzzaman, PhD Professor

FMRTD, Khulna University



Dr. Ghausiatur Reza Banu


FMRTD, Khulna University

PhD Student


Md. Rashedul Islam

Associate Professor

FMRTD, Khulna University

Lab Attendant


Bappi Forazi