Fisheries & Marine Resources Technology discipline started its academic journey in 1992 with 20 students and the name of the discipline was Marine Biology. Later on, the discipline name was changed to Fisheries & Marine Resources Technology and the offering degree was BSc in Fisheries (Honours). It launched its MS programme (MS in Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology) in 1996. Since 2011, the Discipline has been offering PhD programme and five masters programmes: MS in Aquaculture; MS in Fish Breeding and Genetics; MS in Coastal and Marine Science; MS in Aquatic Resource Management; and MS in Fish Processing and Quality Control. Over the past decades, the Discipline had linkage with many national and international organizations, notably USAIDS, World fish center, NACA, AIT, BRITISH COUNCIL, DFID, DANIDA, DoF, BFRI, BFDC, BARC, BFRF, CARE and local entrepreneurs on fish farms, hatcheries and processing industries. At present, around 40 undergraduate students and 40 post-graduate students are passing out every academic year from the discipline.

Muhammad Abdur Rouf, PhD

Professor & Head

Fisheries & Marine Resource Technology Discipline

Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh