Agrotechnology Discipline Room: 2223, Academic Building-2 Khulna University, Khulna-9208 Bangladesh

Dr. Shamim Ahmed Kamal Uddin Khan

Dr. Khan is serving the Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University as a Professor (Grade 1) since 1st July 2018. Dr. Khan started his career in Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University since 18th of February 1997 as a lecturer and then gradually promoted to Assistant Professor (on 7th of May 2000) and Associate professor (on 18th of February 2004) before he promoted to the position of Professor (Grade 3) on 18th of February 2008. He teaches Horticulture and relevant courses in Undergraduate and graduate levels. As a part of his academic duties he supervises research projects of undergraduate and graduate students and also supervises different funded projects. Dr. Khan also engages himself in extension services through field visit, organized meetings with local farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, attending workshops and conferences in home and abroad. He has a number of publications in peer reviewed national and internal journals. Currently he is serving as the Executive Editor of the journal named “South Asian Journal of Agriculture” ( published half yearly from the Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

In 2015 Professor Dr. Khan did PhD in Horticulture majoring the Postharvest Physiology of Horticultural Crops, from Curtin University, Australia. He enjoyed the Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CIPRS) during PhD studies. Earlier he did Masters (in 2009) in Food Science Technology and Nutrition from Europe (four consortium countries including Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal) under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program. Dr. Khan obtained B.Sc. in Agriculture from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in 1995 followed by the MS in Horticulture from the same University in 1997. 1) Bangladesh In 1997. During his studies in BAU, he enjoyed merit scholarship from the University and National Science and Technology scholarship from Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, for conducting research as a part of Masters Degree.

Postharvest Physiology of Horticultural Crops

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
No Research Project Available

Teaching and Research Experience:

18th February 2008 to till date:
Professor (Full time and Permanent), Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, BangladeshOffering theoretical and laboratory (practical) courses pertaining Horticulture and related subjects; conducting research on agricultural issues.

18th February 2004 to 17th February 2008:
Associate Professor (Full time and Permanent), Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, BangladeshOffered theoretical and laboratory (practical) courses pertaining Horticulture and related subjects;  conducted research on agricultural issues.

7th May 2000 to 17th February 2004:
Assistant Professor (Full time and Permanent), Agrotechnology Discipline in Khulna University, Khulna-9208, BangladeshOffered theoretical and laboratory (practical) courses pertaining Horticulture and related subjects; conducted research on agricultural issues.

18th February 1997 to 6th May 2000:
Lecturer (Full time and Permanent)Agrotechnology DisciplineKhulna University, Khulna-9208, BangladeshMy responsibilities includeteaching, research and demonstration on Horticulture and other relevant courses.

Research projects supervised as Principal Investigator: 

i) Effect of natural and chemical vase solutions on vase life of gerbera, Research grant was of 70,000  Tk.  for  the  project  and it  was  funded  by  Khulna  University,  Khulna,  Bangladesh (Ongoing). 

ii) Effect of pre-harvest cultural practices and post-harvest treatments on shelf life of gerbera, Research grant was of 2,50,000 Tk. for the project and it was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh in 2017. 

iii)    Project  title  “Status  of  Onion  Bulb  and  Seed  Production  in  Khulna  Region  (A  Salinity Affected  Region)  and  Studies  on  The  Effect  of  Different  Seed  Containers  on  Storability of Onion Seeds”.  Research grant was of 92,800 Tk. for the project and it was funded by Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh in 1999. 

iv)  Project  title  “Effect  of  Salinity  Stress  and  Use  of  Irrigation  and  Fertilizer  for  Improving Production of Chilli in Salinity  Affected Soils of Bangladesh”. Research grant  of 30,000 Tk. For the project was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh in 2000. 

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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Method of retarding an ethylene response: Zora Singh, A Payne, Shamim Khan and Mufta jointly developed ethylene antagonists which will be vital to reduce postharvest losses in fresh produce. Currently fresh produce postharvest losses ranged between 30 to  44%.  Patent  has  been  filed  through  Curtin  IP  Commercialisation,  Office  of  the Deputy   Vice-Chancellor   Research   (Australian   Provisional   Patent   Application, 2015904507; Curtin University of Technology). 

 PhD (Horticulture- Postharvest Fruit Physiology) Thesis: 

 Khan,   S.A.K.U.   2015.   Regulation   of   postharvest   life   and   quality   in   horticultural commodities at ambient conditions with new ethylene antagonists. Submitted for the   Degree   of   Doctor   of   Philosophy,   Department   of   Environment   and Agricultuure, Curtin University, Australia. 253p.

 M.Sc. Food Science, Technology and Nutrition Thesis: 

 Khan,  S.A.K.U.  2009.  Personal  and  Socio-economic  characteristics,  status  of  fruit  and vegetable   intake   and   health   related   problems   of   the   people   in   arsenic contaminated  regions  of  Bangladesh.  School  of  Biological  Science,  Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland. 56p.

M.Sc. Horticulture Thesis: 

Khan, S.A.K.U. 1997. Studies on micropropagation of three potato varieties,  Department of Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. 99p. 

Scientific Publications/Research Papers  

Total = 48, Refereed papers = 39, Refereed conference papers = 7, Compendium = 1, Industry paper = 1 

 Papers published in refereed Journals: 

1S. Nasrin, M.A. Mannan, M.M. Islam and S.A.K.U. Khan, 2020. Evaluation of tomato varieties against resistance to fruit borer (Helicoverpa armigera hub.). SAARC J. Agric., 18(2): 87-99. DOI:

 2.   Sheel M, Ahmed MB, Khan SAKU, Islam MM. 2019. Present scenario and problem confrontation   of   rooftop   gardening   and   its   efficacy   in   ambient   environment reclamation  in  Khulna  City  of  Bangladesh.  Fundamental  and  Applied  Agriculture 4(1): 617–626. doi: 10.5455/faa.2656 

3   Tabassum P., Khan S.A.K.U., Siddiqua M. and Sultana S. 2018. Effect of guava leaf and  lemon  extracts  on  postharvest  quality  and  shelf  life  of  banana  cv.  Sabri  (Musa sapientum L.). Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 16(3): 337–342. 

4.   Sarmin  R.A.,  Khan  S.  A.K.U.,  Fatema  K.  and  Sultana  S.  2018.  Effect  of  neem  leaf and  banana  pulp  extracts  on  shelf  life  and  quality  of  mango  (Mangifera  indica  L.). Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 16(3): 343–350. 

5.   Siddiqua M., Khan S.A.K.U., Tabassum P. and Sultana S. 2018. Effects of neem leaf extract  and  hot  water  treatments  on  shelf  life  and  quality  of  banana.  Journal  of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 16(3): 351–356. 

6. Mondal,  C.,  Sultana,  S.,  Mannan,  M.A.  and  Khan,  S.A.K.U.  2016.  Preparation  and sensorial   evaluation   of   pickles,   jam,   jelly   and   squash   developed   from   jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus). 9(2): 35-41. 

7.   Khan,   S.A.K.U.,   Singh,   Z.,   Musa,   M.M.A   and   Payne,   A.D.   2016.   1-Hexylcyclopropene in retarding tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) fruit ripening and its mode of action. Scientia Horticulturae, 213: 410-417. 

8.   Ullah,  S.,  Singh,  Z.,  Khan,  A.S., Khan,  S.A.K.U.,  Razzaq,  K.  and  Payne,  A.  2016. Postharvest application of 1-MCP and ethylene influences fruit softening and quality of ‘Arctic Pride’ nectarine at ambient conditions. Aust. J. Crop Sci., 10(9):1257-1265. (DOI: 10.21475/ajcs.2016.10.09.p7648) 

9.   Razzaq,  K.,  Singh,  Z.,  Khan,  A.S.,  Khan,  S.A.K.U.  and  Ullah,  S.  2015.  Role  of  1-MCP  in  regulating  ‘Kensington  Pride’  mango  fruit  softening  and  ripening.  Plant Growth Regul., pp. 1-11 (DOI 10.1007/s10725-015-0101-7) 

10.  Munira.  S  and  S.A.K.U.  Khan,  2010.  Quality  Variation  among  Different  Sources  of  Some  Summer Vegetable  Seeds  in  Bangladesh.  Bangladesh  Journal  of  Seed  Science and Technology. 14 (1&2) 27-33. 

11. Khan, S.A.K.U., S. Munira and S. Sultana. 2009. Effect of seed sources on quality of vegetable seeds. South Asian Journal of Agriculture, 4(1&2): 156-160. 

12. Shahiduzzaman,  M.,  A.  Sayed,  S.A.K.U.  Khan,  M.M.  Islam  and  M.Y.  Kabir.  2009. Socio-economic  characterics  and  food  consumption  status  of  the  city  dwellers  of Khulna. South Asian Journal of Agriculture, 4(1&2): 120-124. 

13. M.R.  Islam,  M.A.  Hosain,  S.A.K.U.  Khan  and  M.M.  Rahman.  2008.  Effect of Arsenic  on  Germination  and  Seedling  Growth  of  Cauliflower,  Onion  and  Red Amaranth. South Asian Journal of Agriculture, 3(1&2): 11-14. 

14. Khan,  H.I.,  T.  Parvin,  D.  Biswas,  M.R.K.  Bhuian,  M.M.  Islam  and  S.A.K.U.  Khan. 2007.  Effect  of  spirulina  containing  modified  N6  medium  and  2,4-D  on  callus induction  and  subsequent  morphogenesis  from  matured  seeds  of  rice.  South  Asian Journal of Agriculture, 2(1&2): 7-10. 

15. S.A.K.U.  Khan,  M.M.  Haider,  A.K.M.K.  Islam  and  M.  Ahmed,  2006.  Impact  of Infrastructural  Development  and  Shrimp  Culture  on  Traditional  Agro-Based  Rural House  Pattern  in  the  Southwestern  Regions  of  Bangladesh.  South  Asian  Journal  of Agriculture, 1(2): 64-71. 

16. Mannan,  M.A.,  Sabiha  Sultana,  S.A.K.U.,  Khan.   2006.  Evaluation  of  physical characteristics of some off-season jackfruit germplasms from south-western regions of Bangladesh. Khulna University Studies. 7(2): 71-76. 

17. M.A.  Mannan,  M.M.  Hasan,  M.B.  Ahmed,  M.R.  Amin  and  S.A.K.U.,  Khan,  2006. Present status of nurseries and problems confronted by the nursery owners at Phultala Upazilla of Khulna. South Asian Journal of Agriculture, 1(2): 49-54. 

18. M.A.   Mannan,   S.A.K.U.,   Khan   and   M.R.   Hasan,   2006.   Situation   of   rooftop gardening in Khulna city. South Asian Journal of Agriculture, 1(1): 14-18. 

19. Mannan,  M.A.,  M.  M.  Islam  and  S.A.K.U.  Khan,  2006.  Effects  of  methods  of grafting  and  age  of  rootstock  on  propagation  of  off-season  germplasms  of  jackfruit, Khulna University Studies, 7(2): 77-82. 

20. S.A.K.U.  Khan  and  R.  Ara,  2006.  A  study  on  the  onion  cultivation  practices  and status  of  the  farmers  in  South-West  Coastal  Bangladesh.  South  Asian  Journal  of Agriculture, 1(1): 44-49. 

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Papers presented/published in edited conference proceedings: 
 1.  Khan,  SAKU,  Singh,  Z  and  Payne,  A.  2013.  Fumigation  of  1-Hexylcyclopropene Inhibit  Ethylene  Production  in  Climacteric  Fruit  at  Ambient  Conditions.  ASHS Annual Conference 2013 held in California, USA, from 21 to 25 July 2013.  
2.  Munira.  S  and  S.A.K.U.  Khan.  Quality  Variation  among  Different  Sources  of  Some Summer  Vegetable  Seeds  in  Bangladesh.  Third  International  Seed  Conference. Bangladesh  Agricultural  University,  Mymensing,  Bangladesh.  Date:  8  February, 2012. 
3.  Khan  SAKU  and  J  Kearney,  2009.  Personal  and  Socio-economic  characteristics, status  of  fruit  and  vegetable  intake  and  health  related  problems  of  the  peoples  in arsenic contaminated regions of Bangladesh (This article was presented in the 13th International  Conference  of  the  Pacific  Basin  Consortium  for  Environment  and Health held at Perth, Australia, during 20-22 November 2009). 
4.  Khan,  S.A.K.U.  2006.  Present  status  of  onion  bulb  and  seed  production  in  khulna region  and  effect  of  containers  on  storability  of  onion  seeds.  Khulna  University Studies, Special Issue (1st Research cell conference): 89-99. 
5.  Mannan, M.A., Islam, K.M.A, Islam, M.R. and Khan, S.A.K.U. 2006. Floral biology of  off-season  jackfruit  in  south-west  region  of  Bangladesh.  Khulna  University Studies, Special Issue (1st Research cell conference): 101-107. 
6.  Khan,  S.A.K.U.,  Chowdhury,  A.H.M.H.  and  Chakravarty,  D.K.  2006,  Effect  of different  packing  materials  and  storage  conditions  on  the  shelf  life  of  banana (Amritsagar). Khulna University Studies, Special Issue (1st Research cell conference): 109-114. 
7.  M.S.  Jahan ;  S.A.K.U.  Khan  and  M.Y.  Ali.  2000.  Constraints  and  prospects  of crop cultivation  in  saline  soils  of  Bangladesh.  Proceeding  of  the  National  Seminar  on Coastal Environment and Energy Resources in Bangladesh (Presented at the National Seminar on Coastal Environment and Energy Resources in Bangladesh, organized by Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, from 8 to 9 December 1998). pp. 29-34.  
1.  Khan,  S.A.K.U.,  2010.  Arsenic  contamination  and  fruit  and  vegetable  intake  in Bangladesh, VDM Publishing, Germany, 80p. 
Industry Paper: 
 1.   Khan, S.A.K.U. 2002. Forstalling aging and increasing memory. Prantor, A Souvenir on study tour of ’98 batch students of Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University. Pp. 21-23. 


Fundamentals of Horticulture

The graduates from Agrotechnology Discipline are expected to provide services on horticulture and relevant issues which require them to gain knowledge on fundamental horticulture, propagation techniques, nursery practices, pruning-training and handling of horticultural crops.

  • Fundamentals of Horticulture