Assessing the Impact of Physical Accessibility on the Use of Shared Toilets in Slum Areas.

Author:- Sk. Hassan Al-Tanbin, Abdullah Al Numan Xyean, Sheikh Md. Ali Reza
Category:- Book; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Architecture Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


The number of slum dwellers is increasing day by day and it also increases the demands of hygienic sanitation in slum areas. Several development organizations are advocating for shared sanitation systems to meet the needs of dense urban areas, particularly slums. Shared toilets are now regarded as one of the most effective slum sanitation solutions. Though shared toilets meet the sanitation demand, they fall short of providing adequate and equitable access due to some socio-physical factors. This paper attempts to investigate the physical aspects of shared toilets that reduce usage. The study's major aims are to evaluate the sociophysical accessibility factors of a shared toilet for increasing the frequent usage of it. Initially, this study looks at two different slums in Khulna, Bangladesh, where shared toilets are the primary sanitation option, and assesses their physical accessibility. This study primarily employs qualitative methods, but some quantitative data is also gathered to make the study more feasible. Open-ended questions, key person interviews, physical and social surveys are used to collect data. This study is expected to produce a set of strategic guidelines for shared toilets in slum areas, which will help to make them more accessible to all and ensure adequate usage. 

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