Mohammad Wahiduzzaman
Associate Professor


1. Name                                    : Mohammad Wahiduzzaman                     

2. Father`s Name                     : A. Sattar Dhali

3. Mother`s Name                    :  Anowara Begum                                          

4. Date of Birth                        : 01/02/1982  

5. Nationality                            : Bangladeshi by birth

6. Present Status                      : Associate Professor in Mathematics

7. Present Address                   : Mathematics Discipline

                                                     Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh 

                                                    Tel: +8801636810931(Cell phone)

                                                     E-mail: [email protected]







M.Sc(Applied Mathematics)

20061st PositionKhulna UniversityApplied Mathematics

B.Sc(Honours) Mathematics

2004Khulna UniversityMathematics

Major: Fluid Mechanics

i). IsoThermal/Non-Isothermal fluid flow through a curved/straight duct.

ii). Micropolar fluid, Visco-elastic fluid, Casson fluid, Nano- fluid flow. 

iii). Flow in a rotating Helical Pipe with a circular/rectangular cross-section

iv). 2nd grade and 3rd-grade fluid flow.

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
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Associate Professor

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Year 2016

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Year 2015

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Year 2014

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Year 2012

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Year 2011

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Year 2007
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Year 2006

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