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Vision & Mission




                                                    i.    Explore human potential to the fullest extent and produce self-motivated, aspiring leaders to work for the betterment of the humankind based on wisdom, freethinking, creativity and unhindered intellectual exercises.
                                                  ii.    Ensure a transformative educational experience that enables creative learning, entrepreneurship and inquisitiveness among the students.
                                                 iii.    Create an inclusive research environment that enables graduates to make demonstrable economic and social impacts through translating knowledge and innovation into practice driven by moral values and professional ethics.

Honor Board

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Director Body

Name Designation Email Address Mobile Number
Prof. Md. Sharif Hasan Limon Director [email protected] N/A
Mohammad Raqibul Hasan Siddique Assistant Director [email protected] N/A
Talukder Rasel Mahmud Assistant Director [email protected] N/A
Prosenjit Tarafder Assistant Director [email protected] N/A
Md. Shohel Parvez Assistant Director [email protected] N/A

Staff List

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Md. Mozammal Haque Assistant Registrar [email protected] N/A