Sutapa Dey Barna

Sutapa Dey Barna works as a Lecturer in Statistics Discipline at Khulna University.  She has completed her graduation and post-graduation from Statistics Discipline, Khulna University. Also, she has experience of teaching as a Lecturer of Statistics at International Standard University (ISU) for around 2 years. Sutapa was awarded National Science and Technology (NST) Fellowship for her MS thesis. In addition, she is the author of a good number of publications. Her primary research interest lies in Public health, Machine learning, Bio statistics and Epidemiology. She has a good blend of academic and extra-curricular excellence. With her knowledge, academic credentials, and skills, she is committed to proving herself to be beneficial to the University and its students.


  • M.S. (Thesis) in Statistics, Statistics Discipline, Khulna University.

  • B.Sc (Honors) in Statistics, Statistics Discipline, Khulna University.
  • HSC (Science), Cantonment College, Jashore.
  • SSC (Science), Govt. Coronation Girls' High School, Khulna.


  • National Science and Technology (NST) fellowship for M.Sc. research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Dean’s award for academic excellence, Science, Engineering and Technology School, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh.
  • Merit based scholarship, Statistics Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh.
  • Merit based scholarship, Secondary School Certificate , Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jashore, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

  1. Public Health
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Bio statistics
  4. Epidemiology

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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1. Lecturer, Statistics Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh (October 2022- Present)

2. Lecturer of Statistics at International Standard University, 69 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212 (February 2021- October 2022)

3. Learning Support Facilitator (LSF) at BRAC Institure of Educational Development (BRAC IED) (June 2020- January 2021)

4. Research Assistant (RA) at 60 Decibels (April 2019- May 2020) 

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Journal Article 


10. Islam, M. A., Nahar, M. T., Rahman, M. A., Barna, S. D., & Anik, S. F. I. (2022). Factors associated with cesarean delivery in Bangladesh: A multilevel modeling. Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare34, 100792. [Read It Here]

9. Islam, M., Khan, M., Alam, N., Raihan, H., & Barna, S. D. (2022). Exploring the Influencing Factors for Contraceptive Use among Women: A Meta-Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey Data from 18 Developing Countries. International Journal of Reproductive Medicine2022. [Read It Here]

8. Islam, M. A., Nahar, M. T., Anik, S. F. I., Barna, S. D., & Hossain, M. T. (2022). Changes in dietary patterns among Bangladeshi adult population during the COVID-19 pandemic: A web-based cross-sectional study. Heliyon8(8), e10349. [Read It Here]

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6. Islam, M. A., & Barna, S. D. Survival analysis of timing of early marriage among women in Bangladesh: evidence from the 2014 Bangladesh demographic and health survey. Family Medicine & Primary Care Review, 23(4), 429-436. [Read It Here]

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5. Islam, A., Alauddin, S., & Barna, S. D. (2021). Socioeconomic and Demographic Predictors of Women's First Birth at an Early Age: Evidence from Bangladesh’s Demographic and Health Survey, 2004-2014. Journal of International Women's Studies, 22(1), 359-373. [Read It Here]


4. Islam, M. A., Barna, S. D., Raihan, H, Khan, M. N. A., Hossain, M. T. (2020) Depression and anxiety among university students during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: A web-based cross-sectional survey. PLoS ONE 15(8): e0238162. (Ranking= Q1, Impact Factor=2.78). [Read It Here]

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2. Ali, M., Billah, A. H., Barna, S. D., Yesmin, M., Abedin, M. M., & Ahmed, N. A. M. F. (2017). A Comparative Study of Different Classification Techniques on SNP Data. IJRDO - Journal of Biological Science (ISSN: 2455-7676), 3(3), 44-54. [Read It Here]

Conference Paper (Full Article)

1. Barna, S. D., & Khan, M. S. (2019). Performance Evaluation of Classification Learning Models for Wisconsin Breast Cancer Data Repository. 7th International Conference on Data Science and SDGs: Challenges, Opportunities and Realities: Performance Evaluation, 273-279. [Read It Here]

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