Message From Head

Welcome to Sculpture Discipline! The Sculpture Discipline encourages students to realize their ideas through pertaining in the physical process of artistic creation and exploration of materials. The Discipline aims to install the excitement and commitment necessary to continue ones artwork with strong emphasis on the development of the individual as a creative person. The Sculpture Discipline is comprised of a set of undergraduate and masters studious. Around this hub, the Discipline offers students opportunities to learn through 'enquiry-based-learning' (EBL), i.e. learning by doing, by facilitating them with interactive workshops, art camps, museum and gallery visits, learning from historical places and different landscape from home and abroad, etc. The Sculpture Discipline conducts its academic program based on a world class curriculum and facilities. This enables the students to think independently and critically, and to gain a command of the varied technical processes inherent to sculpture as means of realizing ideas; and to develop a true understanding of both traditional and contemporary sculptural issues. This is a matter of our pleasure that every year sculpture produced by our graduates and students is exhibited at renowned galleries and events.

Md. Aminul Islam
Discipline Head
Sculpture Discipline ,
Khulna University.