Message From Head

Welcome to Printmaking Discipline (PM), Khulna University (KU). It is one of the most recognized disciplines of this university. Printmaking is a creative subject, which helps to develop our senses in a creative way with an aesthetic representation. Printmaking discipline in Khulna University, has been started its academic activities in 2009-2010. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs that award 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hon’s) and 2-year Master of Fine Arts degrees respectively in Printmaking.

Printmaking Discipline introduces the OBE Curriculum, where the Master’s Program under this curriculum is conducted in three modes and those are- a. Master by Course Work b. Master by Mixed Mode and c. Master by Research Mode.

Printmaking medium deals with a wide range of creative solutions in Fine Arts. It makes a vital contribution to the language of contemporary art practice. Exploration and experimentation in all of the printmaking media are strongly encouraged. The courses are designed to progressively develop different skills, creativity, personal imagery, and knowledge of relevant current issues. Advanced-level students work on a professional scale by creating a cohesive body of work. Printmaking is a vital, visual, graphic process by which one may engage in a conversation with the world.

The curriculum of the discipline has been framed by blending traditional and modern theory courses. It emphasizes and explores the endless creativity in traditional and modern art through technical possibilities, including Relief, Intaglio, Planography, Stencil, and advanced printmaking processes. The discipline is striving continuously to ensure quality education for the students. Apart from this, we are going to undertake M.Phil and PhD research in the near future.

Printmaking discipline aims to connect globally in the artistic field and our graduates are ready to appear in further contests of printmaking in the country and around the world.  

Prof. Dr. Nihar Ronjon Singha
Discipline Head
Printmaking Discipline ,
Khulna University.