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The role of woodblock prints in Bangladesh Economy and its artistic value: a survey

Woodblock Print is one of the earliest emerging printing techniques. Origins of Woodblock mainly used in engraved or formed stamps and seals. This paper attempts to bring to light a little known the role of woodblock print, and its economy and artistic value. The time of 220 AD China originated as a way to print on textiles, most notably silk’ and later on paper. The woodblock print come to Bengal from other part of India. In the last five decades. Bangladesh has achieved prosperity in textiles. Bangladesh textile industry has risen to unique heights due to open trade. The garments industries get the maximum foreign remittance from woodblock prints. That observation highlights that aspect.


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Class / Degree Bachelor

Atia Parvez Priya

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Start Date 01 January 2021
End Date 16 January 2022