News Reading and Watching Trends of Residential Students: A Study on a Public University of Bangladesh

Author:- Samrat Shaikh, Mamunor Rashid, Ripul Kabir
Category:- Book; Year:- 2022
Discipline:- Mass Communication & Journalism Discipline
School:- Social Science School


The study aimed to understand the news reading and watching of the residential students of a Public University in Bangladesh. The study was quantitative in nature and it was carried out following a survey method covering five residential halls of the university. The population of this study involved students from various Schools and Disciplines. Convenience sampling method was used for this study. To conduct this research, 225 questionnaires were administrated to the students and 200 were received by them. It is observed from the study that half of the respondents prefer to read Bengali newspapers (Daily Prothom Alo). They preferred to read international affairs in the newspaper. They also admitted the usefulness of reading and watching the news in their life. More than half of the respondents share the news with their friends and family or comment against the news while reading or watching it. They acknowledge the effect of news reading and watching in increasing their knowledge, getting up-to-date with time, and having mental change.

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