Message From Head

At first, on behalf of Mathematics Discipline of Khulna University, I am welcoming you to visit this webpage.

Our Discipline was started its academic activities from session 1998-1999 by offering undergraduate program as B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics. Then from 2002-2003 academic sessions, Mathematics Discipline offers M.Sc. in applied/pure Mathematics and PhD program has been started from 2014-2015 sessions.

Mathematics discipline is committed to provide effective and innovative graduates and undergraduate education to mathematics in order to prepare them to succeed in their further studies and careers by educating and providing sufficient facilities, to produce high level human power and enhance capacity building through retraining, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the nation and to establish and foster national and international integration and development.

The aims of Mathematics Discipline in Khulna University are to provide high quality innovative programs of teaching, learning, research and continuing professional education to students of wide background, both nationally and internationally. The content of each programs are designed in such a way that a student will learn basic mathematical concepts and skills, and learn how to apply them to solve problems in everyday life or in a future career, be it academic or vocational. From 2010, each year, A. F. MujburRahman Foundation announces Gold Medal awards to students on the basis of their excellent merit in Mathematics. From 2013, we are organizing the Khulna zonal Mathematics Olympiad every year. Every year, we are arranging national / International conference, seminar in our discipline to develop and exchange the research knowledge to others. Our faculty members and students are attending different National and International conferences every year.

Mathematics Discipline has a well decorated computer lab, equipped with technological resources. We also have a seminar library with plenty of books and there is also a librarian for students' help. Academic and extra-curricular activities are complement to each other and develop skilled and healthier students. Our students involve in different extra-curricular activities every year. Activities range from various sports, debating, cultural activities, community activities etc. Each year, the discipline arrange different inter batch competitions, e.g., indoor games, debate. Students of this discipline are involved with different organizations in Khulna University, and they are not only members of different organizations, but also hold leading position of these organizations.

Students of this discipline receive different awards/scholarships, like as: A F MujiburRahman Foundation Gold Medal Award, Honorable Chancellor Gold Medal Awards, Honorable Prime Minister Gold Medal Awards, Yearly University Scholarship, Scholarships from Different Private Sources, etc.

The faculty members of our discipline are experienced in their own research domains and involved in many professional activities which provide our students valuable opportunities and experiences, and they allfeel pride in guiding students to enjoy the beauty of Mathematics.In fact, our vision is to be recognized the Mathematics Discipline of Khulna University internationally and nationally for excellence in research, teaching and high quality service so as to be a world class discipline and able to contribute to today’s society and I look forward to continued excellence by our faculty and students.


Dr. MunnujahanAra
Professor &Head
Mathematics Discipline,
Khulna University.

Prof. Dr. Munnujahan Ara, Head
Discipline Head
Mathematics Discipline ,
Khulna University.