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Master Thesis in 2023

Master thesis supervised in 2023.

Role Supervisor
Class / Degree Masters


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Student Name

Title of the Thesis


MBA 190318

Syed Salman Haider

Does Market Intelligence Influence the Export Intensity of Small and Medium Enterprise through the Moderation of Vibrant Ecosystem: A Study on Mud Crab Entrepreneur in Southwestern Region of Bangladesh


MBA 200318

Shovon Mitra

Does Institutional Isomorphic Pressure Influence Bio Entrepreneurial Intention in Underdeveloped Countries? A Study on Pharmacy Graduates of Bangladesh


MBA 230307

Md. Sakib Uz Zaman

Towards Green Transformation through Sustainable Natural Resource Management: A Study on Green Entrepreneurial Intention of University Students of Bangladesh


EMBA 210304

Abdullah Al Mamun

Does Emotional Intelligence Influence Entrepreneurial Intentions? A Study on the STEM and Non- STEM Students at Bangladeshi University


EMBA 210316

Nazia Ahmed

Can Frugal Entrepreneurship Be the Answer to Sustainable Natural Resources Management? A Study on Southern Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

Start Date January 2023
End Date December 2023