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Master Thesis in 2022

Thesis student supervised in 2022. 

Role Supervisor
Class / Degree Masters


Student Id

Student Name

Title of the Thesis


EMBA – 17 03 74

Md. Rusel Shaikh

The Impact of Dynamic Capabilities on Firm Resilience through Digital Maturity: A Study on Small and Medium Dairy Firms in Khulna


EMBA – 20 03 33

Rima Akter Shathi

Impact of Aquaponic-based Woman Entrepreneurship on Peri-urban Poverty: A Study on Slums of Khulna City


EMBA – 20 03 07

Farhana Khanam

Does Informal Ecosystem have Impact on Frugal Innovation of Small and Medium Crab Firm: A Mediated Moderation Approach


EMBA – 20 03 40

BM Mahamudul Hasan Shohug

Impact of Cognitive Adaptability on Entrepreneurial Resilience through the Mediation of Innovative Behaviours: A Study on Small and Medium-sized Coconut Coir Entrepreneurs

Start Date January 2022
End Date December 2022