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Bachelor Thesis in 2022

Thesis student supervised in 2022. 

Role Supervisor
Class / Degree Bachelor


Student Id

Student Name

Title of the Thesis


16 03 23

Nafis Sadat Taki

Impact of Dynamic Capability and Resource Availability on Ambidexterity and Firm Performance through the Moderation of Environmental Dynamism and Environmental Munificence


17 03 35

Pronab Roy Chowdhury

Does Technical Innovation Influence the Competitive Advantage and Sustainability of Small and Medium Firm in Emerging Market Economy: A Mediated Moderation Approach


15 03 01

Debarshi Nibir Papai

Do Cluster-based Entrepreneurship Affect Firm Sustainability through Climate Adaptive Innovation under the Condition of Institutional Void?: A Study on Small and Medium Agro Firms of Coastal Areas in Bangladesh

Start Date January 2022
End Date December 2022