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Exploring the sources of fear of failure in the university students in initiating opportunity-focused entrepreneurship: A study of the students of multiple disciplines from five universities

Entrepreneurs are the engines that can drive an economy through the sky, which is why every government sets their policies in such a way that fosters an amicable environment for the development of entrepreneurship in the country. However, fear of failure can be a potential hindrance to the development of entrepreneurship. The objective of this project is to explore the contextual antecedents of fear of failure among undergraduate students of selected public and private universities with entrepreneurial inclination/intention. This study will take a multidisciplinary approach, where data will be collected in three phases from students of diverse backgrounds studying in those selected universities. This study will explore the antecedents of fear of failure through an initial survey to conduct an exploratory factor analysis, and then another survey will be conducted to run a confirmatory factor analysis. Finally, this study will eventually portray the relationship between fear of failure and entrepreneurial inclination among the students with the deployment of the final survey. This study will shed upon the underexplored study area of entrepreneurial cognition relating to fear of failure and its impact on entrepreneurial inclination. This might also help to get a better understanding of whether fear of failure affects the students of undergraduate level to take entrepreneurship as a career path. The outcome of this project might aid the government and policymakers in creating an entrepreneurship-friendly environment. 

Role Co-Principal Investigator
Funding Agency National
Awarded Date 08 September 2022
Completion Date 07 September 2024