Algal Biology and Ecology (ABE) Laboratory

Microalgae are exclusive resource as they can be farmed without competing for arable land and food production. They are capable of performing photosynthesis and produce half of the atmospheric oxygen. Microalgae are unicellular species, produce unique products like carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes, polymers, peptides and toxins.

Aim and Objectives

The Algae lab aims to identification and collection algae and sustainably produce biofuel, protein-rich animal feed and other high value products from microalgae.

Our Activities

Sessional class for undergraduate students

Identification and preservation of microalgae

Culture of commercial algae

Our Facilities

Research Aquarium 

    Multi use research aquarium for algal culture and preservation, different shape bottle and container for monitoring algal growth and culture.

Electron microscope 

    This facility provides a range of service including identification and quantification of algae, plankton and automated image acquisition.  

Contac person

Joyanta Bir, Associate Professor,

Room No 2317, School of Life science, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Mobile: +8801999371741; Email:


Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline