Fish and Shellfish Quality Control and Pathology Research Group

Fish and shellfish, significantly main human food as well as trade-commodity throughout the world, are harvested and farmed. Thus, ensuring high standards (international) of their quality and safety in handling, farming and processing systems is of consumers’ demand; post-harvest losses and outbreaks of fish-borne illnesses can be reduced by ) implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), good aquaculture practice (GAP). Identification and controlling hazards such as pathogens, allergens, antibiotics, heavy metals and toxins are to be sufficiently traced and monitored as per the requirement of surveillance system.

Our Laboratory “Fish and Shellfish Quality Control and Pathology Laboratory” at Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline of Khulna University is a unique, and being located in the coastal region, has opportunity to work with both fish and shellfish research and development issues.



The Fish and Shellfish Quality Control and Pathology Laboratory intends to operate microbiological, chemical and molecular analyses of fish and shellfish, their products, water, soil and other samples collected from farms, wild fields, and other related communities. The main goal of this laboratory is to diagnose diseases of fish and shellfishes.

Contacts:    A. F. Md. Hasanuzzaman, PhD; Associate Professor;


Practical classes for undergraduate students.

·         Research works of MS and PhD students.

·         Analysis of faculty project works.


Analyses/services (current)

 Ø  Basic bacteriological testing on culture media.

Ø   Identification of isolated bacteria such as Vibrio, Aeromonas, Pseudomonas.

Future Analyses/Services

  v  Parasitological tests.

    Histological pathological tests.

v            Virological tests.

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