Message From Head

Welcome to the website of the Economics Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh! The Discipline occupies a unique social and academic position in the premise of higher learning whose main focus is diverse social research and education in the Southwestern Bangladesh. The Discipline’s esteemed and qualified faculty members teach and conduct research in areas such as development economics, macroeconomics, agricultural economics, environmental economics, climate economics, disaster economics, and multi-disciplinary issues. The discipline faculty members are involved in a number of research projects independently, in collaboration with faculty members from other disciplines of Khulna University, and as part of international research networks and partnerships. Our faculty members regularly publish their research in peer-reviewed international journals, have served as experts in other universities, and have been the members of prestigious economic societies. This expertise translates into high quality instruction at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The undergraduate program, known as BSS (Hons) in Economics, provides an orientation to economics for students from across the country each year. Our undergraduate program provides economics majors with broad knowledge of important theoretical and practical issues of diverse branch of economics. Several scholarships are also offered by the Discipline every year to the undergraduate students based on their merit and necessity. Our post-graduate program, MSS in Economics, trains students to produce rigorous and innovative economic research, and to become excellent candidates for the job market. Our post-graduates obtain jobs in academia, government, development organizations, research institutions, and industry, both in home and abroad. The Discipline is going to commence its Ph.D. program very soon. Economics Discipline aspires to considerably expand its research and teaching activities in new directions, and welcome all initiatives and support which would help us work towards that goal.

Dr. Khan Mehedi Hasan
Discipline Head
Economics Discipline ,
Khulna University.