Message From Head

Chemistry is about the materials all around us. Study in Chemistry involves the exploration of matter, investigation of their structures, properties, functions, and utility, creation of functional materials. Better perception in chemistry is necessary to understand why the things around us behave the way they do. Chemistry Discipline is comparatively newly established discipline under Science, Engineering & Technology School in Khulna University. Chemistry Discipline in Khulna University has lunched its academic activities on 1st July 2009 with the degree of Bachelors in Chemistry (Honors) that include 4 years split into 8 terms. In that time Chemistry Discipline started with only one theory-classroom, one lab-classroom and three faculty members but today the Discipline is running with three theory-classrooms, three lab-classrooms, one research laboratory and eighteen faculty members with unique field of expertise. Our curriculum is aimed on providing opportunities to work with theory and relevant practical knowledge, to learn experimental design and implementation, analysis and troubleshooting. The focused areas are integrated throughout the core chemistry courses, lab experiences, and undergraduate research. We also offer Master’s programs in Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry with intensive lab work and research. The study in Chemistry from Chemistry Discipline, Khulna University will allow one to be an expert in effective writing and oral communication skills, to gain practical skills in chemical analysis creativity to work for industrial applications.

Professor Dr. Kaykobad Md Rezaul Karim
Discipline Head
Chemistry Discipline ,
Khulna University.