Message From Head

Architecture Discipline, Khulna University (ArchKU) has one of the earliest undergraduate architecture programs in Bangladesh. It is also one of the first four disciplines, based on which the academic journey of this globally ranked university began three decades ago. During these decades, ArchKU’s accomplishments have remained manifold. Our graduates have been leaving their mark within the core profession as architects while frequently winning national and international awards and recognition's, and also serving as influential academics in HEIs both home and abroad.Many of them have also excelled in allied but diverse professional arenas which include but are not limited to urban design and planning, archaeology, geography, sustainable development, research, computation and visualization, project management, public service and policy making, photography and graphic design, and social activism.

With its aim to produce leading professionals in the field of architecture and built environment as a whole, the discipline adheres to a design studio centered pedagogic methodology through an intensive and engaging student-mentor environment.This is reinforced by the supervision of a dynamic blend of seasoned and young faculty members who boast academic and professional excellence, commitment and pedagogic skills.The works are further informed by extensive context-based research, fieldwork and community participation, application of state of the art technologies, local and international collaboration and expert engagement, and cross-disciplinary knowledge from a range of theoretical courses taught here. Maintaining a close reference to the rich cultural heritage of Bengal, ArchKU graduates stand out to be a novel breed of professionals equipped to meet local, regional and global challenges, especially in the context of present and imminent socio-environmental crises.Sitting beautifully on the lush green campus of Khulna University, ArchKU makes all necessary learning ingredients available that include expansive design studios, libraries/e-resources,ICT facilities and equipment labs, informal dialectic events like lectures, seminars, competitions and workshops,and merit scholarships and awards. These all, however, are profoundly influenced by ArchKU’s inclusive, equitable, tolerant and participatory philosophy, and Khulna University’s liberal academic culture. ArchKU certainly embodies a stimulating learning environment through the nurturing of imagination, inquiry, experimentation and innovative creation. I warmly invite you to explore these all at ArchKU!

Prof. Dr. Sheikh Serajul Hakim
Discipline Head
Architecture Discipline ,
Khulna University.