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SOC Test Course1
3  Credit
  • Ius primis fabulas patrioque ut.
  • Mel ad paulo salutatus democritum,
  • omnesque officiis inciderint ex sea,
  • At mei quis volutpat maiestatis.
SOC Test Course2
3  Credit
  • Tollit civibus partiendo pri an,
  • tibique quaestio nam no.
  • Id pro congue exerci abhorreant,
  • natum efficiantur eam ea, an meliore recusabo cum.
  • Usu cu lorem essent impedit
Introduction to Anthropology
  1. Introduction: Definition, Nature and Scope of Anthropology, Major Fields of Anthropology; Relations of Anthropology with Sociology, Psychology and History.
  1. Schools of Anthropology: Evolutionism, Functionalism and Diffusions.
  1. Research Methods of Social Anthropology: Survey Research, Observation, Case Study and Ethnography.
  1. Major Races of Mankind: Physical Features of Major Races, Race and Culture.
  1. Culture: Origin and Development of Culture, Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism, Acculturation and Social Change.
  1. Kinship: Kinship and Descent, Types and Functions of Kinship, Kinship Terminology.
  1. Economic Organizations: Property Ownership and Law of Inheritance in Archaic Societies, Food Gathering and Food Producing Economy, Shifting Cultivation, Exchange and Distribution-Reciprocity and Kula Ring.
  1. Political Organization: Forms of Political Organization in Archaic Societies, Origin of State-Theories of Morgan, Lowie and Childe.
  1. Religion and Beliefs: Origin of Religion; Magic, Science and Religion, Revitalization Movement, Shaman, Priest, Witch and Sorcerer.
  1. Anthropology and Modern World: Contemporary Problems and Current Issues of Anthropological Research.
  Suggested Readings: Ember and Ember    : Anthropology Harris                         : Culture, People, Nature: An Introduction to General Anthropology Haviland                     : Cultural Anthropology Hoebel                        : Man in the Primitive World Kroeber                      : Anthropology