The Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning (BURP) is a four-year degree that focuses on contemporary patterns of urban and rural development, and the processes that contribute to change across cities and rural areas. The course is rich in both theory and practice-based elements, including fieldwork. The students have to complete minimum 39 theory and 24 sessional courses in the bachelor level. Most theoretical courses have their supplementary practical courses, which require them to do real world exercises, which require them to do real world exercises involving field visits, collection of spatial and non-spatial data, processing and analysis of data, and framing out the solutions. For BURP degree completion, each student has to undertake total 160.5 credit hours. The students have to take core courses and total credit hours in core courses are 126. The Bachelor students have to complete some optional courses and total credit hours in optional courses are 34.5 which are 21.5% of total credit hours.


The Master of Urban & Rural Planning (MURP) program gives the students’ knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to practise professionally as a spatial planner. The program’s curriculum has been designed to empower each student to complete the degree with great personal flexibility. Students may pursue the degree on an accelerated basis in three semesters (18 months), which allows for concurrent employment or full-time engagement in professional planning practice. The students have to complete 36 credit hours in order to get MURP degree. In the first semester of MURP program, the students have to complete 19.5 credit hours and the curriculum encompasses theory courses like Planning Theories, Planning Ethics and Practices, Research Methods and Statistics for Planners and offers two sessional courses, including Planning Workshop and Geographical Information System (Lab/Project).


The Discipline is now offering Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Four PhD students are currently enrolled under this programme and continuing their research works.

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