In Statistics discipline, Khulna University is going to start a new Term at 01/01/2018 and  also complete in the following academic works:

  1. 4th Year Term-I, Session: 2016-2017, The Presentation for the advancement of the Project/Thesis will be held at 10.00 am, dated as 21/12/2017.
  2. 4th Year Term-II, Session: 2015-2016, The final Project/Thesis is going to present at 16/01/2018. The respected students will hand over three copies black book to the Head of the discipline before presentation. Among those two copies, do not mention your name as well as your supervisor name.
  3. Masters’ students will hand over their Thesis or Project Proposal to the Head of the discipline at 28/01/2017.


For the new term, Session: 2017-2018, the offered courses are:

First Year Term-I: Core Courses

Stat-1101,    Basic Statistics

Stat-1103,   Elementary Probability

Math-1151,  Algebra and Geometry

Math-1153,  Fundamentals of Calculus

Econ-1155,  Principles of  Economics

Eng-1157,   Communicative English

Sessional Courses:

Stat-1104,  Basic Statistics  and Probability Lab

Stat-1110,  Fundamentals of Computer Lab


Second Year Term-I: Core Courses

Stat-2101,   Continuous Probability Distribution

Stat-2013,  Sampling Technique

Stat-2105,  Sampling Distribution

Stat-2107,  Order Statistics and Non-central Distribution

Math-2151,  Differential Equation

Econ-2153,  Economic Statistics

Sessional Courses:

Stat-2100,  Statistical Package Lab

Stat-2104,  Continuous Probability Distribution  and Sampling Technique Lab

Third Year Term-I: Core Courses

Stat-3101,  Statistical Inference-II

Stat-3103,  Experimental Design

Stat-3105,  Regression Analysis-II

Stat-3107, Time Series Analysis-II

Stat-3109, Non-parametric Tests

Optional Course:

Stat-3111,   Operation Research

Sessional Courses:

Stat-3104,  Experimental Design Lab

Stat-3106,  Advanced Regression Analysis Lab

Stat-3110,  Non-parametric Tests Lab

Fourth Year Term-I: Core Courses

Stat-4101,  Multivariate Analysis-I

Stat-4103,  Stochastic Process-II

Stat-4105,  Econometrics

Optional Courses:

Stat-4109,  Robust Statistics

Math-4151,  Advanced Probability and Measures Theory

Sessional Courses:

Stat-4100,  Project/ Thesis

Stat-4102,  Multivariate Lab

Stat-4106,  Econometrics Lab

Fourth Year Term-II: Core Courses

Stat-4201,  Multivariate Analysis-II

Stat-4203, Statistical Data Mining

Stat-4205,  Mathematical Demography

Optional Courses:

Stat-4209,  Meta Analysis

Stat-4211,  Comprehensive Study

Sessional Courses:

Stat-4200,  Project/Thesis

Stat-4202,  Advanced Multivariate Analysis Lab

Stat-4216,  Data Analysis Lab


MS Term-II: Core Courses

Stat-5201,   Advanced Stochastic Process

Stat-5203,   Advanced Statistical Inference

Optional Courses

Stat-5209,   Statistical Methods for Artificial Intelligence

Stat-5213,   Advanced Bioinformatics

Sessional Courses:

Stat-5230,   Project

Stat-5200,    Thesis

Stat-5240,  Statistical Computing-I

Stat-5242,  Statistical Computing-II

The class of the next academic session (2017-2018)  will be started on 01 January 2018.

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