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Phy – 1101
Vector Analysis
3.00  Credit
Section – A
  1. Vector and Scalar: Vectors; Scalars; Vector algebra; Laws of vector algebra; Unit vector; Rectangular unit vectors; Components of a vector; Scalar field; Vector field; Dot product; Cross product; Triple product.
  1. Vector Differentiation: Ordinary derivatives of vectors; Space curve; Differentiation formulae; Partial derivatives of vectors; Differentials of vectors.
  1. Gradient, Divergence and Curl: The vector differential operator del; Gradient; Divergence; Curl; Formulae involving del; Invariance.
Section – B
  1. Vector Integration: Ordinary integrals of vectors; Line integrals; Surface integrals; Volume integrals.
  1. The Divergence Theorem, Stock’s Theorem and Related Integral Theorems: Gauss’s divergence theorem; Stock’s theorem; Green’s theorem in the plane; Related integral theorems; Integral operator form for del.
Books Recommended
  1. Resnick, R. and Halliday, D.: Physics, New Age International Publisher.
  2. Resnick, R. and Halliday, D. and Walker, J.: Fundamental of Physics, John Wiley and Sons
  3. Sears, F.W. Zemansky, M.W. and Young, University Physics, Addison Wesley Publishing Company
  4. Spiegl, M.: Vector  Analysis,  McGraw  Hill  Book Company
  5. Sears, F.W.: Mechanics, Wave Motion& Heat; Addison. Wesley Publishing Company
  6. Symon, K.R. Mechanics, Addison. Wesley Publishing Company
  7. Resnick, R., Halliday, D. & Krane, K.: Physics, John Wiley & Sons
Phy– 1103
Mechanics and Properties of Matter
3.00  Credit

Section – A

1. Motion in One and Two Dimensions: One dimensional motion with variable acceleration and constant acceleration; Equation of motion in free fall; Projectile motion; Uniform circular motion; Tangential acceleration in circular motion. 2. Particle Dynamics and Moment of Inertia: Force; Newton’s laws and their applications; Dynamics of uniform circular motion; Moment of inertia; Radius of gyration; Torque; Expression for moment of inertia; Calculation of moment of inertia of solids of different shapes. 3. Conservation of Momentum and Collisions: Center of mass and gravity; Linear momentum; Conservation of linear momentum; Impulse; Systems of variable mass; Cross-section; Conservation of linear momentum during collisions.   4. Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics: Relation with constant angular acceleration; Relation between linear and angular kinematics for a particle in circular motion; Torque acting on a particle; Angular momentum; Conservation of angular momentum; The rotational dynamics of a rigid body.  

Section – B

5. Gravitation: Kepler’s laws; Newton’s law of gravitation; Gravitational attraction; Gravitational potential and field; Determination of gravitational constant; Escape velocity; Motions of planets and satellites.   6. Elasticity: Stress and strain; Hook’s law; Three types of elasticity; Relation between elastic constants; Poisson’s ratio; Yield point; Elastic limit; Elastic fatigue; Limiting value of  ; Bending of beams; Cantilever.   7. Hydrostatic Pressure and Surface Tension: Pressure; Change of pressure with elevation; Measurement of  pressure; Surface tension; Molecular theory; Surface energy; Angle of contact; Pressure of a curved membrane; Excess pressure inside a soap bubble; Capillarity; Variation of surface tension with temperature.   8. Hydrodynamics and Viscosity: Concept of fluid flow; Bernoulli’s equation; Equation of continuity and their applications; Viscosity; Co-efficient of viscosity; Stoke’s law; Critical velocity; Poiseullies equation and its correction; Effect of temperature and pressure on viscosity.   Books Recommended: 1. Resnick, R. and Halliday, D.: Physics, New Age International Publisher 2. Resnick, R. and Halliday, D. and Walker, J.: Fundamental of Physics, John Wiley and Sons 3. Sears, F.W. Zemansky, M.W. and Young,H.D.:University Physics, Addison Wesley Publishing Company 4. Mathur, D. S.: Elements of Properties of Matter, Shyamlal Charitable Trust. 5. Tewari, K. K.: Electricity and magnetism with Electronics,S. Chand and Company Ltd 6. Neuman & Searle: Properties of Matter 7. Resnick, R., Halliday, D. & Krane, K.: Physics, John Wiley & Sons
Phy – 1105
Waves and Oscillation
3.00  Credit
Section – A  
  1. Free Vibration: Harmonic motion; Mathematical representation; Boundary conditions; Vector representation; Velocity, acceleration and their phase relationship; Energy of a harmonic oscillator; Physical and torsional pendulum; Plasma vibration.
  1. Damped and Forced Vibration: Damping forces; Types of damping; Logarithmic decrement; Relaxation time and quality factor (Q); Forced oscillator; Steady state and transient solutions.
  1. Coupled Oscillators and Normal Modes of Continuous System: Coupled oscillators; Normal coordinates and normal modes; Forced vibration of a coupled oscillator.
  Section – B  
  1. Fundamentals of Waves: Wave motion; Types of waves; Wave generation; Wave equation and solution; Energy, power and speed of traveling waves; Plane and spherical waves; Introduction to some wave phenomena in physics.
  1. Superposition of Periodic Motions: Principle of superposition; Superimposed vibration of equal and different frequencies; Stationary waves; Beats; Combination of two vibrations at right angles; Lissajous figures.
  1. Sound Waves and Acoustics: Sources; Propagation and speed of sound in fluid and solid media; Musical sound; Doppler’s effect; Infrasonic and ultrasonic; General idea of acoustics and Reberveration.
Books Recommended:  
1. Coulson, C.A.: Waves
2. A.B. Wood, A.B.: A Text book of Sound
3. N.W. Molechlan, N.W.: Theory of Vibration
4. Haliday, D., Resnick, R., & Krane, K.S.: Physics Vol.1
5. A. Beiser, A.: Main Streams of Physics