It is a great pleasure to introduce Physics Discipline of Khulna University. Physics is the basic science that deals at the most fundamental level with matter and energy, their interactions and transformation. It presents major challenges to the human mind and provides the foundation for engineering and other sciences. There is a continuous spectrum of exploration in physics, from the edge of our understanding to applications for everyday uses. Physicists are bound together in their passion to find and solve interesting and important puzzles for the benefit of all humanity, whether in academia or industry.

Owing to its distinguished academic staff our mission is the academic excellency in national and international platform and the leadership in physics. The department has been founded in 2009.

The academic activities are currently maintained by9 full time and several part time faculties, around 200 undergraduates, 40 M.Sc and a few M.Phil & Ph. D. students.
Our ultimate goal is to educate students on both the theoretical and practical knowledge of physics in the area of Particle Physics, High Energy Physics, Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Health Physics, Geophysics and Meteorology.
Physics Graduates have wide range of job scopes mainly in Education Sector, Atomic Energy Commission, BCSIR, Sand Exploitation Center, Nuclear Medical Center in each Hospital, Bangladesh Meteorology Department and BSTI etc.

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