Welcome to Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Discipline under Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) School of Khulna University. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Discipline in Khulna University had started its’ journey in 1997 for the first time in Bangladesh in order to give the students a holistic and pragmatic view of the latest scenario of the technology as well as grounding in the concept and theories that will shape the future of the industry and research. ECE is a fascinating subject, and one that is now indispensible in our lives. Almost every aspect of modern life involves electronics and communication technologies. The digital world is really upon us.

This discipline has well educated faculty members having degrees from many reputed universities around the world and they have devoted themselves here in academic and research works. the Discipline promotes the advancement of the research through the development of distinguished post-graduate programs, thus contributing both in creating future scientists and strengthening the research effort of the engineering community. Our graduates are exceptionally employable, and find employment within a variety of sectors and our alumni now hold positions around the world.

The mission and vision of ECE discipline is to produce skilled professionals so that they can play a vital role in the development of digital Bangladesh as well as the entire world.  Our mission, besides the development of technological skills, is to cultivate and develop organizational, consulting, communicational and social forms of behavior that will create persons not only able to play a key role in organizations, but also to open  new prospects of forming and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Building on our past, we continue to lead innovative and pioneering efforts in a number of areas such as electronics, telecommunication, wireless communication, electromagnetics, biomedical, image and signal processing, optics and photonics and networking so on. We take great pride in our tradition of excellence and are strongly committed to strive to greater heights in education and research.

We are immensely proud of our students and their achievements. We hope that you find the information on our website useful and it will encourage you to apply to study ECE here at Khulna University. As you embark upon your University career, we in ECE would like to wish you well in your future studies. I invite you to explore our website for exciting opportunities in the department and contact us if you’d like more information.

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