1. Program Name:

The name of the undergraduate degree offered by this discipline is “BBA in Human Resource Management”.

  1. Program Vision:

The program is designed to become a center of excellence in Human Resource education and research to contribute in the field of Human Resource Management nationally and internationally.

  1. Program Mission:

The program aims at providing required knowledge and skills for building the future leaders in the Human Resource Management field. It intends to produce high quality graduate who will be technically and pedagogically sound in the application of Human Resource Management (HRM) theories, models and techniques in the real life decision making process of modern business world.

  1. Program Objectives:

Specifically the program will:

  1. Provide students with a good understanding of classical and contemporary HRM concepts and theories that have direct real life business applications.
  2. provide students with a basic understanding of the HRM and analytical tools that can be used in business decision making process
  • Sharpen the students’ decision making and analytical skills in the HRM field through integrating their knowledge of the HRM theory with research.
  1. Provide students with a general understanding of management, marketing, finance and accounting concepts to be used in the integrated business decision making process.
  2. Provide comprehensive knowledge of prominent business field to corroborate and collaborate across the organization and face real-life situation.


  1. Learning Outcomes:

Being a graduate of Human Resource Management, graduates will be able to:

  1. Describe knowledge of recent trends and contemporary issues involved in Human Resource Management.
  2. Apply understanding of the processes of new venture creation and the critical knowledge necessary to manage the organization and employees.
  3. Apply systematic approach of Human Resource Management functions like HR planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, performance management and even termination of human resource.
  4. Organize practical as to how norms, values, race, ethnicity etc. of employees and organization impact organizational productivity and relationship.
  1. Internalize knowledge about operations strategy and design, capacity location and layout, inventory system and operating decisions
  1. Generate idea about how to managing, resolving and utilizing conflict in organizational context
  2. Articulate conceptual understanding and analyze human resource management issues, and emphasize analytical tools and their usage in organizational problems
  3. Apply knowledge about allocation of scarce resources, tradeoffs, relationship.


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