There has never been a more immediate and pressing need for natural resource professionals than now. The current generation of professionals entering the workplace must find ways to double food production without destroying soils and water quality devoted to agriculture – truly one of the world’s grand challenges. Our undergraduate and graduate programs draw on the extraordinary work with students to become intellectual and professional leaders – no matter what career they might eventually choose. I can’t think of nobler professions than those dedicated to preserving our soils for future generations.


Soil is the only irreplaceable resources of the earth. Our discipline is built on a strong foundation of dedicated faculty who are engaged in vital research to better understand our soils. This Discipline is a multidisciplinary unit comprised of: Soil Physics, Pedology, Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Biology, Soil Pollution and Soil Fertility. These units also expand into other fields such as Agriculture and Environment. With the knowledge gained through research, the Discipline provides a balance and well rounded education for its students to understand our soils and how we influence and are influenced by it.


We must fuse the strength of today with a vision of tomorrow’s possibilities. To achieve this fusion, Soil Science Discipline calls on the abundant creative energies of the world. We invite you to learn more about us and schedule a visit. Protect the soils. Feed the World. That is the motto we live by. Join us.

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