Fact and history of Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline

Southwestern part of Bangladesh is enriched with fresh water, brackish water and marine water. The world largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans, is also in this part. Different ecology enriches the biodiversity of this area. Khulna Region contributes the highest in generating revenue from fisheries sector of this country. Most of the fish processing plants are also situated here.  To support the fishermen for better culture, quality production and others related with this business there was no fisheries educational institution in this region. So, there was a huge demand of fisheries education in this area to support this sector. To meet the demand of quality fisheries graduate to develop the fisheries sector, the Discipline was established in 1992 at Khulna University. Dr. Md. Sadiqul Awal was the founder Head of the then Marine Biology Discipline and with his great leadership the Discipline was started latter its journey as Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology (FMRT) Discipline. From the beginning of the journey of this Discipline, it has been conducting research on aquaculture, nutrition, diseases, post-harvest quality and many other related fields of fisheries sector. The faculties of this Discipline are collectively giving their efforts to develop the fisheries sector of this area as well as the country.


Our mission is to prepare our graduate competent to take challenges for local and global job market through scholarly understanding, developing skill and critical thoughts in various aspects of fisheries and marine science.


To become a center of excellence nationally and internationally for fisheries education and research, to contribute fisheries sector globally and interactions with the every stakeholder engaged in this filed.

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