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BGE 1101
Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
3  Credit


  1. Introduction: Definition, history, technology level, and applications of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and developing countries. Commercialization of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in a developing economy.
  2. Recombinant DNA Technology: Modification of gene, gene transfer, transgenic organism.
  3. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and Fermentation Process: Bioreactor, the fermentation process; fermented products.
  4. Food Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Introduction, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, food enzymes, sweeteners, food wastes, miscellaneous microbial products, oriental fermented foods and drinks, bakery processes.
  5. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: Impact of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in agriculture; list of biotechnological products used in agriculture and their advantages and disadvantages, Biotechnological tools used in crop production. Plant Tissue culture: Micropropagation, application of micropropagation, genetic manipulated plants, biological nitrogen fixation and biofertilizers, biocontrol of plant pathogens, insect, pests and weeds. Mushroom production. Transgenic plants.
  6. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Animal Production: Animal wealth, products from animal, animal cell culture, pharmaceuticals from transgenic animals, blood substitutes from transgenic animals.
  7. Biosensor Technology and probiotics: Definition, scope and applications.


  1. Enzyme Technology: Definition of enzyme, enzymology and enzyme technology, the nature of enzymes, the application of enzymes, the technology of enzyme production, immobilized enzymes.
  2. Biotechnology and Medicine: Introduction, regulatory proteins, blood products, antibiotics, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.
  3. Biological Fuel Generation: Photosynthesis - the ultimate energy resource, sources of biomass, ethanol from biomass, methane from biomass, biogas production.
  4. Biotechnology and Environment: Oil pollution, microbes and geological environment, pesticides and herbicides pollution, heavy metal pollution and sewage disposal.
  5. Safety in Biotechnology: Problems of organisms, pathogencity, problems of biologically active biotechnological products.
BGE Test Course2
3  Credit
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