Welcome to the e-page of English Discipline! As you take a tour through this page en route to the website of Khulna University, I hope you will actualize that the faculty and staff in our discipline recognize the pivotal role English plays not only in university education but, indeed, in the understanding of human life and activity. Our eminent faculty teaches a wide range of diverse and engaging classes at both undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from American and British literature, literary theory, linguistics, performance studies, academic and professional writing, English language teaching, and translation studies—to name just a few. As Head of the Discipline, I see our mission as providing the best education in the understanding of language, literature, and literacy, in the value of critical reading and effective writing, in the knowing and applying of ethics and logic, and in the mode of critical thinking at exemplary levels. I appreciate your interest in our discipline and programs and would encourage you to stay in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions. 

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Professor Dr. Sabiha Huq


English Discipline



Fact and History of the Discipline

Apart from generating knowledge in specific fields, Khulna University emphasizes on the development of generic skills and humanism. In order for a citizen of Bangladesh—an independent country endowed with her quintessential features—to aspire to emerge in the international arena, with all his Bengali characteristics, there is hardly an alternative to learning the lingua franca of the global society. To meet this objective English Discipline was launched as the first academic department under Arts and Humanities School in 1999.

English Discipline presently offers three academic programs, the first two of which are regular and the third is a paid program: 4-year undergraduate program for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA Honors) in English, 1-year graduate program for the degree of Master of Arts (MA), and 1-year graduate program for the degree of Master of Arts in English Language (MAL). Since the Discipline’s inception, twelve batches have successfully completed their undergraduate program.

The Discipline is proud to offer some of the latest fields of knowledge in theory, language, and literature. Courses on theory, linguistics, English Language Teaching (ELT), performance and translation studies are few of the noteworthy mentions.

English Discipline has made its mark in such diverse areas as culture and sports. Besides, showing excellence in games like cricket, football, and handball, its students regularly win competitions in debate, quiz, music, and recitation. English Discipline bagged 16 out of 42 medals in national education week competition 2002. It also became runner-up in Nerob-Nayayik inter-discipline debate competition 2001 and stood the same in inter-discipline quiz competition 2002. Recently, it won the champion’s trophy of inter-discipline handball tournament 2014 (in male category). These activities and achievements, bearing out the commitment and efforts of the students and teachers of the Discipline in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, encourage the future builders and leaders of the new millennium Bangladesh.


Mission of the Discipline

The mission of English Discipline at Khulna University is to cultivate understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the English language, its speakers and writers, and its literatures and cultures, such that students and discipline members use the language creatively, critically, and effectively to participate ethically in civic and professional life. There are core and elective courses that create opportunities to explore such subjects as British, American, and World literature, academic and professional writing, literary and cultural theory, linguistics, etc. that can offer students general education in English. At the same time, the Discipline emphasizes the importance of learning Bangla, in which the students practice speaking and writing in a variety of academic activities. Faculty members are committed to quality research and scholarship, generous public service, and exemplary teaching, working directly with students in relatively small classes to allow close attention. Our mission as educators is to enable students to become the finest readers and writers of literary texts as those texts in their infinite variety take as their subjects our fellow humans, our histories, and our cultures. We aim in effect to equip our students both to read the world, and write the future, with subtlety, acumen and precision. English Discipline is not doctrinaire, promoting just a single approach or ideology, but is pluralistic and takes pride in the variety of emphases and perspectives it teaches.

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