FMRT Research

The teaching staffs of the Discipline possess specialized knowledge in the areas of fish biology, fish breeding, nutrition, ecology, fisheries management, genetics and biotechnology, disease, post harvest technology, marine science, oceanography, etc. Most of the staffs obtained their higher degrees from abroad together with extensive research experience. The Discipline has research linkages with many national and international organizations such as World Fish Centre, BFRI, DoF, BFDC, BFRF, NACA, AIT, DFID, DANIDA, USDA, GIZ, and many established local farms and processing industries.


The Discipline, in the recent past, had carried out a link with two British Universities, Aberystwyth and Bangor on the ecological monitoring of the Sundarbans and since then it has been placed in better position in the competing for and attracting foreign research grants and funding. The linked project with funding under UGC on the SUPPORT FOR FISHERIES EDUCATION AND RESEARCH has led the Discipline significantly to build up its educational and research facilities. International funds like GIZ, IFS, Darwin Initiative and Asia Link are awarded to conduct various research.