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Khulna University Studies

Submission can be done in either of the following ways using the template guidelines mentioned in “Guidelines to Authors”:

  1. A hardcopy of the manuscript is required for pre-reviewing prior to the submission of three hardcopies printed on one sided A4 sized offset paper to the Executive Editor, Khulna University Studies, Room # 213, Administration Building, First Floor, Khulna University, Khulna 9208, Bangladesh for review. The author(s) also has to fill the Declaration and Copyright forms and to deposit certain amount of processing fee at A/C 136, Agrani Bank Ltd. Khulna University Branch by cash/cheque/Demand Draft in favor of the Executive Editor, KU-studies. Two hardcopies of the corrected/modified manuscript on reviewer’s comment along with a compact disc containing original, pre-reviewed and reviewed manuscript along with tables, illustrations etc within the text body and in separate excel format to be submitted to the Executive Editor’s office.
  2. Alternatively, interested authors can send their manuscripts to the executive editor (kustudies@ku.ac.bd) by email

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