Guideline and application form for Research Grants Program

Arts and Humanities School

Bangla Discipline

 Admission Information MA in Bangla (Session 2018-19)

English Discipline

Admission Test result of MA in English  (Session 2018-19) 

Eligible List for admission test of MA in English (Session 2018-19) 

Admission Information of MA in English (Session 2018-19

 Admission Test result of MA in English  (Session 2017-18)

Admission Test result of MA in English Language (Session 2016-17) First Batch

Eligible List for admission test of MA in English (Session 2017-18)

Eligible List for admission Test of MA in English Language (Session 2016-17) First Batch

History and Civilization Discipline



Law School

Law Discipline



Life Science School

Agrotechnology Discipline (AT)

Admission Information of MS in Agrotechnology Discipline (Session 2017-18)

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Discipline (BGE)

Environmental Science Discipline


Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline (FMRT)


Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline (FWT)

Pharmacy Discipline

Admission Result of  M.Pharm. Program 2017-18

Admission Information of  M.Pharm. Program 2017-18

Soil Science Discipline


Management and Business Administration School

Business Administration Discipline

Admission Information of Evening (2nd Batch) & Executive(1st batch) in MBA Program 2017-18 

Admission Information of MBA (Regular) Program 2017-18

Admission to the Evening MBA and Executive MBA Program 2018-19 (1st Batch)

Human Resource Management Discipline



Science, Engineering and Technology School

Architecture Discipline


Chemistry Discipline


Computer Science and Engineering Discipline (CSE)

Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline (ECE)

Admission Information of  M.Sc. Engg. (ECE) Program 2018-19

Mathematics Discipline

Admission Information of M.Sc. in Mathematics 2016-17 

Physics Discipline


Statistics Discipline

Admission Information of M.S. in Statistics 

Admission Result of M.S. in Statistics Program 2016-17

Urban and Rural Planning Discipline (URP)



Social Science School

Development Studies Discipline

Admission Circular of MDS Program (Session 2017-18) 

Admission Information of  Master of  Development Policy and Studies (MDPS) Program 2017-18

Advertisement (Revised) for Admission in Master of Development Policy and Studies (MDPS) Program

Economics Discipline


Mass Communication and Journalism Discipline


Sociology Discipline

Master of Population and Gender Studies (MPGS) Program (Evening) (Session 2018-19) 

Admission to the MSS in Sociology Program 2018-19


Institute of Fine Arts

Admission to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program 2017-18 



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