Hacked By kashmir cyber fighters

indian dogs go back

we want freedom

I am a kashmiri its my crime I am a Muslim kill me and call it COLLATERAL DAMAGE Imprison me and call it SECURITY MEASURES.

Exile my people and masses and call it NEW MIDDLE EAST Rob my resources Invade my land Alter my leadership and call it DEMOCRACY.

i deserve to be humiliated I deserve to be harassed I deserve to be mauled i deserve to be killed Just becuase I AM A KASHMIRI

I demand my rights it is my crime I demand my dignity it is my crime I demand life it is my crime I am a KASHMIRI it is my crime

but i am proud of commiting this crime I want to live,but a living life. Not a dead man's life

I can die struggling for freedom rather than giving it up and living.

kashmir cyber fighters

Kashmir cyber Fighters
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kashmir cyber fighters pro hacker group
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