It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the discipline of sculpture under the institute of Fine Arts, University of Khulna. This discipline is committed to the unique culture and heritage of Bengal and we are very much committed to excellence and dedicated to produces a new generation of Sculpture prepared to meet the emerging local, regional and global quest. Students work alongside faculty and staff in our classrooms, studios, performance halls to produce both scholarship and works of Sculpture. The courses we offer are designed to help you discover the quality of the learners. We look forward to helping you achieve your aspirations and express your unique view to the modern civilization through the lenses of sculptor. We also look forward to answering questions regarding any aspect of our discipline. We invite you to explore the site at your leisure. Your contact for further query will be appreciated.  History of the Discipline  The institute of fine arts, Khulna University was established in 22 March, 2009 through the incorporation of Khulna Art College.  In 1904 a renowned artist Shashi Bhushan Paul established an art school at Maheshwarpasha named Maheshwarpasha School of Art, which was the very first art school in the then Bengal . In 1983 this art school was turned into Khulna Art College. The Institute of Fine Arts Khulna University was consists of three disciplines which are  • Discipline of Drawing and Painting, • Print making and • Sculpture. In the beginning its runs with 45 undergraduate students.  . In 25 November 2013 the campus was permanently shifted to Khulna university premises before shifting it was at boyra, Khulna. At that time the Sculpture Discipline begins to run individually. Now the Discipline runs with 70 undergraduate students.  Mission of the Discipline  The Sculpture Discipline encourages students to realize their ideas through pertaining in the physical process of artistic creation and exploration of materials. The Discipline aims to install the excitement and commitment necessary to continue ones at work with strong emphasis on the development of the individual as a creative person. The Sculpture Discipline is comprised of a set of core undergraduate studious. Around this hub, the Discipline offers students opportunities to learn through ‘enquiry-based-learning’ (EBL), i.e  learning by doing, by facilitating them with interactive workshops, art camps, museum and gallery visits, learning from historical places and different landscape from home and abroad, etc. The Sculpture Discipline conducts its academic program based on world class curriculum facilities. This enables the students to think independently and critically, and to gain a command of the varied technical process inherent to Sculpture as means of realizing ideas; and to develop a true understanding of both traditional and contemporary sculptural issues.

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