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Printmaking medium is considered in a wide range of creative solutions in Fine Arts. It contributes to the language of contemporary art practice. Printmaking Discipline started its undergraduate program (four year honors) in the session 2009-2010 and MFA program (two year) in the session 2016-2017 respectively. The curriculum of the discipline upholds both the traditional and technical introductions for traditional and modern theory courses. It emphasizes on the exploration of endless creative and technical possibilities in traditional and modern printmaking including relief ,intaglio,planography,stencil and digital process. Printmaking Discipline is striving continuously to ensure quality education for students. At present the Discipline has five faculty members with extensive academic experience.

Dr.Nihar Ronjon Singha


Printmaking Discipline

Khulna University

Fact and History of the Discipline

Printmaking Discipline is one of the three Disciplines of the Institute of Fine Arts, Khulna University and enjoys the unique distinction of being the only seat of tertiary level art education in the southern part of Bangladesh. Institute of Fine Arts, Khulna University bears the legacy of a century old art education school called Maheshwarpashe School of Arts (the very first school in the then East Bengal, established in 1904) in Bangladesh.

The Discipline offers four-year undergraduate courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in the Printmaking disciplines. With a world class syllabus, the school offers a stimulating learning environment that promotes creativity, imagination, and observation reflecting the thousand years old unique art and cultural heritage of this region.

Mission of the Discipline.

The Mission of the Discipline is to be the academy of excellence in Printmaking education with national relevance and international recognition. By ensuring need oriented and state-of-the-art technology based education, the Discipline is committed to produce academically sound, self confident, flexible, and internationally competent graduates who are able to hit the ground running from day one, and who can realize their true potential studying together and thereafter working together as professional Printmaker at home and abroad.

To attain this vision specific mission of the Discipline is to:

  • develop adequate academic and research facilities, and infrastructure to ensure high quality education and research in the field of Fine Arts.
  • increase number of Print medium as to meet the growing need of professional Printmakers  graduating from demanding subject of fine arts.
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