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Centre for Integrated Studies on the Sundarbans (CISS) is one of the centers of Khulna University established in 2003 is devoted to studies on diverse aspects of the Sundarbans – the UNESCO world heritage and Ramsar Site and globally the largest single tract mangrove forest – including the coastal resource conservation issues.

Vision of CISS: The vision of CISS is to create and conserve science-based knowledge on tangible and intangible resources of the Sundarbans and the coastal ecosystems as a whole.

Mission of CISS: The mission of the CISS is to decipher the processes contributing to the sustenance of biophysical attributes of the Sundarbans and the coastal ecosystems. The mission of CISS also encompasses analyzing and predicting the socio-economic drivers and pressures on the tangible and intangible resources of the ecosystem and to suggest ethically driven management efforts.

Objectives of CISS: The objectives of CISS encompasses shortmid– and long-term arenas of actions.

The short-term objectives are:

  1. Arranging seed money for activities.
  2. Creating a knowledge hub on biophysical, socio-economic and cultural attributes of the Sundarbans and the coastal ecosystems as a whole by collecting, categorizing and conserving soft and hard copies of published and unpublished documents (in every form) from all possible sources.
  3. Compilation of bibliography on the Sundarbans and the coastal ecosystems as a whole.
  4. Editing a compendium on the Sundarbans and the coastal ecosystems as a whole. The contents includes physical (morphology, sediment flux, nutrient cycling, climate etc), biological (flora, fauna, microbes and the dynamics in mangrove biology etc), socio-economics and ecological management, technological and cultural issues of the Sundarbans.
  5. Developing a panel of experts and researchers
  6. Developing an individual web page for CISS and
  7. Networking (including networking with Indian counterpart) for formation of consortium to execute research programs.

The mid-term objectives are:

  1. Constructing an arboretum on mangroves (focusing on the Sundarbans) in Khulna University campus.
  2. Predicting bio-physical and socio-economic dynamics of the Sundarbans
  3. Seminar/conferences on mangrove and the coastal ecosystems
  4. Dialogue on current and pro-people issues with stakeholders
  5. Study programs and research (action research) projects development and execution
  6. Training programs on currents issues (such as ecotourism)
  7. Participation on governance issues in local and internal arena

The Long term objectives:

  1. Post-graduate academic programs to be initiated.
  2. Publication of standard journal on mangrove
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