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The aim of the project is to ensure the establishment of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in Khulna University. A quality assurance strategies and mechanisms will be developed by adapting and incorporating national QA guidelines and international best practices of higher education by the support of the IQAC. Designing of academic programs with specific ILOs, strategies and systematic review of the SA and continuous improvement of the faculty and associate staff will be focused in the QA mechanisms. Governance and management issues of the University/Disciplines/Departments will be included in the QA framework. In addition, the project also intends capacity strengthening of the discipline/departments by human resource development. A skill development mechanism will be implemented through training, workshop and visit. Recruitment, staff development, carrier development, research and extension activities will be focused in the QA system.QA manual tools and documents will be developed with the stakeholder consultation. The outcomes of QA at program level are: SA reports, modernization of the curricula, introduction of programs in emerging subjects, promotion of academic innovation, course evaluation report on a regular basis, evaluation of teaching performance on a regular basis, ability to meet the expectations of stakeholders, readiness to meet the quality requirements and program accreditation and effectiveness and competitiveness of the programs.Khulna University is committed to develop quality culture by implementing the quality assurance practices. IQAC in the universityhave the responsibility to bridgeall discipline, department and top management of the university for implementing the QA program.

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Recent Workshop
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Held on : 13 February, 2017;

Venue : URP lecture theatre, Khulna University.


Recent Training

Held on : 25 April,2016;

Participants : Faculty members;

Venue : Uthan,Architecture discipline,KU


Recent Meeting

Round table discussion with seven disciplines of first phase.