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Social Science School of Khulna University was established in 1998, with the objective to offer an opportunity of higher education and research for addressing socio-economic and development issues at local, national and international levels. Since then, the faculty has made significant contributions through offering diverse programs in the arena of social science. Economics and Sociology Disciplines of the School are focusing on the socio- economic and politico-cultural aspects, with special emphasis on the south-western region of Bangladesh. Development Studies Discipline is aimed at producing efficient development analysts capable of addressing the twenty first century’s challenges. Mass Communication and Journalism Discipline is flourishing the communication process and enhancing practical knowledge on journalism. To enrich real-life knowledge of the students regarding socio-economic and development aspects, course curriculum under various programs of this School have been blended with both theoretical and applied courses. Syllabi of ongoing programs are amended time to time to incorporate emerging and contemporary global, national and local issues.

Academic environment and research facilities in this School are excellent as most of the faculty members have higher degree from various overseas institutions. Students of this School, therefore, enjoy a unique vibrant culture of learning and innovation. Besides academic excellence, students of this Faculty also have the tradition of demonstrating amazing performance in co-curricular activities like debate contest, cricket and football tournaments and cultural competition. In meeting increased demand for social scientists, both nationally and internationally, this School has been playing a pioneering role since its inception. More than a thousand of graduates of this Faculty have joined the workforce by 2015. They are acting as the ambassador of the School to project it positively both nationally and internationally.

Social Science School at a Glance

Discipline Faculty Degree Duration Inception
Economics 14 BSS (Hons)



4 Years

18 Months

16 Months




Sociology 14 BSS (Hons)



4 Years

1 Years

16 Months




Development Studies 05 BDS 4 Years 2011
Mass Comunication and Journalism 03 BSS (Hons) 4 Years 2015
Total 36


dean-image Prof. Dr.Shahnewaz Nazimuddin Ahmed

dean-phone +880-1552984111


Contact Info. of School

school-phone +880-41-813403,+880-41-813995, Ext-3072,3005


Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh
PABX : 041-720-171-3
Phone : (+088) 041 724260
Fax: 88-041-731244

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